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Services Offered

  • Vocational Evaluations
    A vocational evaluation is a process, which gathers vocational information about an individual to assists in determining vocational direction. The overall results are based on integrating physical capacities, medical, psychological, and vocational information that exist within an individual labor market.
  • Vocational Assessment
    Vocational assessments are a comprehensive evaluation of individuals transferable skills, qualifications, and occupation requirements. They highlight cognitive ability through an employment focused perspective and provide information to assess the labor market.
  • Earning Capacity Evaluations
    Earning capacity evaluations analyzes individuals’ ability to work and earn wages prior to and after the event that is the subject of litigation. Vocational experts utilize them to determine if an loss of earnings has occurred.
  • Expert Testimony
    Vocational experts educate jurors about the impact of injuries. They have experience and credentials to offer testimony about labor market conditions, specifics of range of occupations, and other vocational rehabilitation matters.
  • Worker Compensation Evaluations
    When a workers’ comp recipient reaches MMI, a doctor will provide a functional capacity opinion regarding the physical capabilities of an individual. Vocational experts use the functional capacity opinion to determine if work restrictions have permanent implications on an individual vocational capacity.

BRVA helps answer questions such as

  • How have the injuries or life-altering event affected the client’s ability to function and/or work?

  • Will the client be able to earn a living at the same level prior to his/her injury?

  • What are the Loss of Earnings (damages), short-term and long-term, that the client will suffer due to the injury?

  • In the case of divorce, does the spouse, able-bodied or disabled, have transferrable skills and what potential do he/she have to earn a living?

  • In the case of an infant, child, or young adult, our experts are able to extrapolate the future loss of their income across their lifetime.

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Bridging the Gap

Attorneys use BRVA reports to assist in determining the level of damages, with the understanding that the information is based on foundational medical professional opinions. BRVA reports can be used as the groundwork for the subsequent Economists’ report, calculating inflation and other factors, which further increases future-related damages.

In using a BRVA  report, attorneys are able to clearly substantiate their demand, which aids in fast-tracking their case toward settlement. If and when the case moves to trial, attorneys are confident that the BRVA has objectively documented the damages and are thus prepared to testify at trial.


When presenting a personal injury claim, an attorney must often rely on the testimony of physicians and other medical professionals to establish their client damages. Even if a doctor deems a person partially or totally disabled, insurance adjustors and juries are left to determine how the disability impacts the victim economically. This can result in very subjective damages awards.


A vocational expert can minimize or eliminate these subjective assessments by providing objective parameters for quantifying vocational damages. Using data from local job markets and established economic indicators, the expert can provide comprehensive reports that either facilitate settlements or persuade juries of the extent of the victim’s vocational damages.

Who We Serve

  • Attorneys

  • Insurance Carriers

  • Claims Adjusters

  • Third Party Administrators

  • Governmental Agencies

  • Private Companies

  • Individuals

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